Robert Davies

Forth and Endrick Councillor now facing a police investigation over racist tweet depicting colonial-era black peopleĀ as savages and cannibals. The immediate response of the Tory Party was to condemn the tweets, where the obvious first response would have been to dismiss him from the party. By not expelling elected councillors for this behaviour the Tories are giving tacit supportĀ to racism.

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John Buchan

Peterhead Conservative Party activist and campaigner reported to the police for making obscene anti-Catholic comments on his Twitter account and making violent threats to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. He makes it clear that he is a member of the Orange Order and still Ruth Davidson is happy to pose with him for pictures. Many of his Tweets are also racist in nature.

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Nick Harrington

Warwick District Council Conservative councillor. Suspended after making racist anti-Irish comment in the context of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. He was suspended from the party for six months with immediate effect and deleted his Twitter account.

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