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A graduate of St. Andrew’s university from England, living in London but originally from Sunderland, telling Scotland that Gaelic is not its national language, and that Scots and Lallans are mere dialects of English. Road signage was one of the few powers given to Scotland as a result of the Smith Commission, but apparently we are doing it wrong – we’re not being English enough. We need to be informed.

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Who is Eliot Wilson?

He is an unfinished PhD from St Andrews in Scotland and works as a Clerk of the Regulatory Reform Committee in the House of Commons. He is also a contributor to the Times of Israel. Between 2005-6 he was a clerk on the House of Commons Defence Committee. So when the Scotsman publishes him with such a bland description it is hiding the fact this Eliot is quite a unionist establishment figure.


Eliot is a supporter of the State of Israel and has close contact with members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, the chair of which sat on the Commons Defence Committee while Wilson was a serving clerk on the same in 2005-6.


Eliot Wilson on Scotland and Gaelic


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